Author Rishabh Bansal interacts with young professionals in Chandigarh

Interactive session with author rishabh bansal

Date: 5 March 2020
Place: Chandigarh

Rishabh Bansal author interacted with young professionals in the digital marketing industry in Chandigarh. Duration of the interaction session was 30 minutes. The session saw professionals from various nearby IT companies participate interactively. As a part of the session, author Rishabh Bansal briefed the professionals about the importance of Instagram marketing.

Rishabh Bansal, author of the book brand marketing on Instagram, guided the professionals on various topics ranging from how to start an Instagram marketing channel to monetizing from Instagram.

A glimpse from the interactive session by author rishabh bansal

The session was divided in two sessions; in the first session the author told the audience about new techniques, importance of visuals and trending aspects in Instagram marketing. The second session was a Question/Answer round where the young professionals asked their queries to the author.

Report: BMIG Publication media

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