Techniques for Lead generation using Instagram stories

Lead generation using Instagram stories article

Lead generation is paramount. If you are in an online business, you know how important it is to generate worthwhile leads. Sometimes, it could be an uphill battle to discover those prospects that are authentic, real and are genuinely interested in your business. But, here in this article, we are going to discuss a technique that lead you to generate valid leads for your business.

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Instagram stories
Technique 1: Using Polls

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are quite underrated when it comes to lead generation. It’s a robust tool to help you generate leads and also they have proven their worth with 500 million daily active users.

Wait! talking a little more about Instagram story stats, in 2020 more than 25 million businesses are using Instagram stories for promotions, lead generation, product marketing and for other business purposes.

So, now you know, that IG stories hold so much power and they can give you credible leads for your business. Let’s dive in deep and discuss a technique about generating leads using IG stories.

Technique 1 for Lead generation using Instagram stories: Using Polls

In this technique, we generated qualified leads for our new product (en eBook on Lead generation). Let’s break this technique in different steps:

Step 1: Create background

Simply create a background story about your product/service, including the benefits or outcome. You can include the below mentioned items:

  • Image, Screenshot of results/benefits.
  • Eye catchy video.
  • Caption: write about the image or video that you include. It needs to be short and precise.

Creating an effective background gives the audience an insight about how your product/service can be beneficial and serves as a psychological trick so that more people covert.

Step 2: Pitch product and use story element

Now, display your product and write a wee introduction about it and use Instagram story element ‘polls’ so that the viewers can share their opinion. Using ‘polls’ gives the viewers two choices to choose from, and they can choose either. After clicking on one choice, they can’t change it.

Below is an example where we used this technique and generated 29 authentic and qualified leads.


Step 1: We posted a screenshot of income notification to grab the audiences’ attention and captioned it in a way that it serves as an impressive background for our product (Lead generation ebook). Below is the story we posted:

Background creation story

Step 2: We used the story element ‘Polls’ and just gave a wee description of how our product could be beneficial to them. It’s just a little description keeping in mind the limited space in stories and also taking into consideration that the viewers could easily read. If we add a lot of text, we might need to make it too small to fit in the story and thereby, it becomes fairly difficult for viewers to read.

Below is the story that we posted:

Product pitch with polls

The picture is of the product (eBook) for which we want leads and we added a caption and ‘polls’ with it in the story.

The caption states the benefit and asks people to choose for one choice.

The person who voted ‘YES, I WANT THIS‘ are the leads.

Here, we generated 29 authentic leads.

Now, these are product qualified leads. They know about the product, they know the benefits and there are high chances that they will convert.


So, this is one method to help you find authentic and qualified leads with little hard work involved. You are not going to design special lead generation pages, employ tracking tools, do A/B testing and all the stuff.

You can generate worthwhile leads with Instagram stories.

Get this ebook ‘Lead generation using Instagram stories’ to discover more incredible ways of Lead generation by Instagram stories. Each technique is deeply explained with live examples and results.

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