How to add links to Instagram stories

How to add links to Instagram stories

For a long time, links on Instagram were available to accounts with 10k follower base. But, after the major update this restriction is now over. You don’t need 10k followers any more to add link to your stories.

Who can add links?

Previously, the swipe up link feature was available to accounts with 10,000 followers or more. In mid-2021, Instagram tested link stickers. Currently, in the upgraded version, the swipe up link is gone and link stickers are available to everyone. There is no restriction of a minimum follower base or account verification.

How to add links to Instagram stories

Follow the steps below to add clickable links in Instagram stories:

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version
  • Click on add story
  • Add a photo, video or text in your story and click next
  • Now, tap on the stickers icon on the top right
  • Here, you’ll see a link sticker, click on that.
  • Paste or manually type the link you want to add
  • You’re done.

To make it easier for you, we have also compiled a short video on the steps to follow to add links to Instagram stories. Watch it right here:

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