Instagram SELF-AUDIT Sheet – Analyze best Instagram posts

The Instagram audit sheet helps one to evaluate the top performing content and graphically indicates the performance of the account. The sheet is a free Instagram tool to analyze what type of content works best with the audience. The Instagram audit sheet is uses the following four metrics to evaluate the best content on your Instagram handle:

  1. Reach
  2. Saves
  4. Profile visits

Each parameter has it’s own importance and indicates different things about user behavior. For example: More number of saves means that the audience likes the content in the post and more profile visits could result in increasing the number of followers.

To make the best use of the audit sheet, you need to have access to these parameters.


  • Google account: You need to have a google account as it is created in Google sheets.
  • Instagram business/creator account: Having one gives you access to all the required parameters – Reach, saves, likes and Profile visits.

How the audit sheet works?

One needs to fill the data of last nine posts of one’s Instagram account in the sheet manually. Once the data is filled, the best performing content will be highlighted in green.


  • Access the audit sheet by clicking on the button below.
  • Create a copy.
  • Fill the data of your latest nine posts.
  • And you are done, best performing content will be highlighted in green. Also, a graphical representation of your performance is shown

Guidelines to create a copy

Make a copy option (refer to the image below) is only visible if you are signed-in to your google account.

Instagram self audit sheet copy creation guidelines

So, you must sign-in to your google account to create a copy.

About the platform

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